Copywriting 101: Effective > Extraordinary

Henry David Thoreau didn’t write sales pages. Niel Gaiman doesn’t do marketing funnels.

Copywriting isn’t a creative writing competition; it’s not about being the most eloquent, or showcasing your wit (or lack thereof). Copywriting is meant to be a means of communicating effectively and persuasively with your audience.

Are there creative aspects? Absolutely. But they should never come at the expense of clarity.

That idiom-laden piece that requires footnotes and a thesaurus isn’t gaining you any customers, it’s likely turning prospects away.

In most cases, your audience should be able to understand exactly what you want them to with as little effort as necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of valuable systems and techniques to make your copywriting stronger, but they all build off of the fundamentals.

Keep it simple.